Are you having trouble with your computer system? Have you noticed a decrease in performance? Are you being redirected to unusual web pages or do pop-up windows always come up and hinder your productivity?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you are probably infected with a virus or malware. The best thing to do in this situation is to stop using the computer, turn the power off and get help immediately. Continued use can jeopardize important files and secured accounts.

Viruses are harmful bits of code intended to either harm your computer or capture files or secure account information. Viruses can spread through an infected computer by sending out fake emails posing as the owner to everyone in your address book. They are also spread through malicious or compromised web pages, pdf files, or even emails from someone you trust. Most malicious viruses and malware use exploits and call to actions that when clicked on infect the computer through the web browser. Characteristic of a virus are that they usually require no action on the part of the users to get infected, the intent is malicious, and the virus is capable of spreading by itself.

If you are unsure or convinced your computer is infected, give us a call today, Greenman IT Support provides fast, affordable, and effective virus removal, San Diego.

Why us?
If you are experiencing a virus affected PC, call us now for fast, affordable virus removal, San Diego. Our team of highly trained professional are the best in the industry and fully dedicated to what we do. We utilize best practices and the most up to date security software to remove infections from your computer or network. We will get your office up and running in the most efficient manner possible.

Our Virus Removal Packages
Our packages include many of the best antivirus software out there that protect from some of the most advanced of threats. We can fix most any virus that has infected your computer. Just call us (619) 573-9363 or email us for a detailed consultation. We are just a call away to perform any type of virus removal, San Diego.

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