Email hosting services san diegoUnlike traditional free webmail which is paid for by advertising, email hosting is a customized mail service designed for small to medium-sized businesses, as well as heavy-use individuals needing a more robust email service. In addition to providing you with comprehensive support, our email hosting plans give you increased capabilities such as storage, security, and data recovery. We offer our customers customized email hosting packages designed to meet the individual needs of business administrators and are a professional solution to online communications.
Email is one of the most important online services for businesses. Therefore, it needs to be protected at all cost. That is why Greenman IT Support is dedicated to ensuring that all your emails are safe and secure. Often times businesses need to shift from one email service to another because of convenience, better experience or necessity. If your current emails have not been backed up, then you will end up losing all of them. Most email service providers do not allow their users to transfer their emails from one service provider to another. This actually means that you risk losing all your email in case you decide to migrate to another email service.

Email Hosting Services San Diego

Greenman IT Support is a trusted name in reliable and efficient email services. Our IT professionals are fluent in all aspects of email hosting services including IMAP, webmail SMTP and POP3. In addition to that, our email hosting services also offer archiving, spam and virus protection as well as other hosting features. So, if you need email hosting services, San Diego, Greenman IT Support has all necessary resources as well as personnel to ensure that all your email service is dependable, safe and secure.

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